NBCSL 41st Annual Legislative Conference    November 30-December 3, 2017    JW Marriott Indianapolis, Indianapolis


NBCSL’s Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) is considered to be one of the premier conferences on critical African-American policy issues. Each year, hundreds of African-American legislators, along with advocates, policy experts, corporate executives and community leaders, attend the ALC to discuss and champion resolutions to address the nation’s most pressing issues affecting African Americans and other marginalized communities. This year’s conference is hosted by the Indiana Black Caucus.

During the last eight years, NBCSL members have been fighting to create an environment that encouraged fairness and equality for African Americans and other people of color. A shifting political climate that brings with it potential rollbacks of any and all progress made for vulnerable communities, requires NBCSL members to step into the fray to fight even hard to keep that progress going.

Our annual legislative conference provides a critical framework for policies that will be the foundation for state and federal legislation. As we convene in Indianapolis, we will not only discuss our ongoing fights for economic development, criminal justice reform, and health disparities, but we will also address and prepare our agendas to fight in some new areas such as environmental justice and technology.

To safeguard the rights and protections of African Americans and other marginalized communities, NBCSL needs all of its members— as well as public policy experts, advocates, corporate executives, and labor leaders—to join together to ensure that Members of Congress and the Administration to see the urgency and the importance in acting on these critical issues.

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