The National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) primary mission is to develop, conduct and promote educational, research and training programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of its members, as they consider legislation and issues of public policy which impact, either directly or indirectly upon "the general welfare" of African American constituents within their respective jurisdictions.


In support of its mission, NBCSL has adopted the following fundamental objectives:

  1. To serve as a national network and clearinghouse for the discussion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas and information among African American state legislators and their staffs;
  2. To provide research, training, and educational services to African American state legislators and their staff.
  3. To improve the effectiveness and quality of African American state legislators; and
  4. To serve as a strong, united, and effective advocate for African American state legislators and their constituencies at the federal level.

Membership Forms


Democratic Caucus Vice Chair: Rep. Barbara Boyd
Minority Whip: Rep. Chris England
Democratic Caucus Whip: Rep. Adline Clarke
Minority Leader: Sen. Vivian Davis Figures
Minority Whip: Sen. Bobby Singleton
House Minority Leader: Rep. Anthony Daniels 


Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore: Rep. Monte Hodges
Assistant President Pro Tempore: Sen. Stephanie Flowers


Caucus Chair: Assem. Mike A. Gipson
Assistant Speaker pro Tempore: Assem. Autumn R. Burke


House Majority Deputy Whip: Rep. Jovan Melton 


Deputy Speaker of the House: Rep. Douglas McCrory 
Deputy Majority Leader: Rep. Charlie Stallworth
Deputy Majority Leader: Rep. Douglas McCrory
Deputy Speaker: Rep. Bruce Morris
Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Terry Adams
Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Andre Baker
Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Patricia Billie Miller


Senate Majority Whip: Sen. Margaret Rose Henry


House Democratic Leader Pro Tempore: Rep. Bobby Dubose
Senate Minority (Democratic) Leader: Sen. Oscar Braynon


Minority Leader: Rep. Stacey Abrams
Minority Whip: Rep. Carolyn Hugley
Minority Caucus Treasurer: David Wilkerson
Minority Caucus Chairman: Sen. Horacena Tate
Democratic Whip: Sen. Vincent Fort


Assistant Minority Caucus Chair: Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb


Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Al Riley
Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Arthur Turner
Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth
Majority Leader: Sen. James Clayborne
Assistant Majority Leader: Sen. Kimberly Lightford
Assistant Majority Leader: Sen. Donne Trotter
Majority Caucus Whip: Sen. Mattie Hunter


Democratic Caucus Chair: Rep. John Bartlett
Democratic Assistant Caucus Chair: Rep. Robin Shackleford
Assistant Democratic Floor Leader: Sen. Jean Breaux


Assistant Minority Leader: Rep. Helen Miller


House Minority Caucus Chair: Rep. Barbara Ballard
Senate Minority Whip: Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau


Minority Caucus Chair: Sen. Gerald A.Neal


Speaker Pro Tempore: Del. Adrienne A. Jones
Speaker Pro Tempore: Del. Carolyn J. B. Howard
Assistant Majority Leader: Del. Keith E. Haynes
Majority Whip: Del. Talmadge Branch
Deputy Majority Whip: Del. Curtis S. Anderson
Deputy Majority Whip: Del. Vanessa Atterbeary
Deputy Majority Whip:  Del. Darrel Barnes
Deputy Majority Whip: Del. Benjamin Brooks
Deputy Majority Whip: Del. Alonzo T. Washington
President Pro Tem: Sen. Nathaniel J. McFadden
Assistant Deputy Majority Leader: Sen. Joanne C. Benson


Minority Floor Leader: Sen. Morris Hood, III
Assistant Minority Floor Leader: Sen. Coleman Young, II
Assistant Minority Caucus Chair: Sen. Vincent Gregory


Deputy Majority Leader: Sen. Jeff Hayden
Assistant Minority Leader: Rep. Ilhan Omar


Minority Caucus Chair: Rep. Michael Butler
Minority Floor Leader: Rep. Gail McCann Beatty
Minority Caucus Secretary: Rep. DaRon McGee
Assistant Minority Floor Leader: Sen. S. Kiki Curls
Minority Caucus Whip: Sen. Jamilah Nasheed 


Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Aaron Ford
Speaker Designate: Assem. Jason Frierson
Chief Deputy Majority Whip: Assem. Tyrone Thompson
Assistant Majority Leader: Sen. Kelvin Atkinson
Co-Majority Whip: Sen. Pat Spearman


President Pro Tempore: Sen. Nia H. Gill
Majority Whip: Sen. Sandra Cunningham
Speaker Pro Tempore: Assem. Jerry Green
Majority Conference Leader: Assem. Shavonda E. Sumter
Deputy Speaker: Assem. Gordon Johnson
Deputy Speaker: Assem. Mila Jasey
Deputy Speaker: Assem. Benjie E. Wimberly 
Majority Whip: Assem. Herb Conaway
Speaker Emeritus: Assem. Sheila Y. Oliver


Minority Whip: Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton


Speaker: Assem. Carl Heastie
Deputy Speaker: Assem. Earlene Hooper
Speaker Pro Tempore: Assem. Jeffrion Aubry
Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore: Assem. N. Nick Perry
Deputy Majority Whip: Assem. Barbara Clark
Democratic Conference Leader: Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins 
Vice Chair of Democratic Conference: Sen. Kevin S. Parker 
Secretary of the Senate Democratic Conference: Sen. Velmanette Montgomery
Deputy Democratic Conference Whip: Sen. Bill Perkins


House Democratic Whip: Rep. Bobbie Richardson
House Democratic Whip: Rep. Rodney Moore
House Democratic Whip: Rep. Garland Pierce
Senate Democratic Leader: Senator Dan Blue
House Deputy Democratic Leader: Rep. Robert Reives
Senate Democratic Caucus Secretary: Sen. Ben Clark 


House Minority Leader: Rep. Fred Strahorn
House Assistant Minority Whip: Rep. Emilia Sykes 
Assistant Minority Leader: Sen. Charleta B. Tavares
Senate Minority Whip: Edna Brown
Senate Assistant Minority Whip: Sen. Cecil Thomas


Democratic Whip: Sen. Anastasia Pittman
House Minority Caucus Vice Chair: Rep. George Young
Senate Vice Democratic Caucus Chair: Sen. Kevin Matthews 


Caucus Secretary: Rep. Rosita Youngblood
Senate Minority Whip: Sen. Anthony H. Williams
Senate Minority Appropriations Committee Chair: Sen. Vincent Hughes 


House Minority Leader: Rep. J. Todd Rutherford


Democratic Leader Pro-Tempore: Rep. John J. DeBerry, Jr.
Democratic Assistant Leader: Rep. Joe Towns, Jr.
Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman: Rep. Antonio Parkinson
Democratic Whip: Rep. Joanne Favors
Democratic Caucus Treasurer: Rep. Karen Camper
Democratic Floor Leader Rep. Raumesh Akbari
Democratic Caucus Secretary: Rep. Harold Love, Jr.
Senate Democratic Leader: Sen. Lee Harris


House Democratic Leader: Rep. Yvonne Davis


President of Senate: Sen. Myron D. Jackson 


Minority Whip: Del. Charniele Herring


Majority Caucus Chair: Rep. Eric Pettigrew


Assistant Minority Whip: Del. Clif Moore

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