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The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear a major case on affirmative action in higher education, adding another potential blockbuster to a docket already studded with them.

Some Super PACs, outside groups that can raise and spend unlimited funds to help elect or defeat candidates, have spent heavily to influence the presidential race. Some of these groups released new numbers Monday night.
Mexico and the United States signed an agreement on Monday to help U.S. firms and Mexican oil monopoly Pemex exploit deep water oil resources in the Gulf of Mexico that straddle the countries' maritime boundaries.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dow Pierces 13000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average pierced the 13000 level for the first time since before the financial crisis.

Refiners in Japan are holding off from signing oil-supply contracts from Iran, four people with knowledge of the talks said, while China International United Petroleum & Chemical Co. agreed to most terms of a 2012 deal with the Islamic republic, according to three other people.
Thursday, February 23, 2012

FDA OKs New Cancer Drug Suppliers

Federal regulators said Tuesday that they've approved new suppliers for two crucial cancer drugs, easing critical shortages — at least for the time being — that have patients worried about missing life-saving treatments.
A Virginia law that would mandate ultrasounds prior to an abortion is gaining steam — and coming under intense criticism — as it heads to Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk. Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate have both passed the bill, while the governor has spoken favorably of the provision.
U.S. and other international forces in Afghanistan aim to end their combat role next year and switch to training and advising Afghan forces through 2014, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday.

In laying out his vision for performance-based funding for colleges and universities last week, President Obama issued a warning to higher education institutions. "If you can’t stop tuition from going up…"

The nation's housing crisis is damaging not only the U.S. economy, but also what it means to be middle class in America, President Obama said Wednesday, urging Congress to allow new federal loan guarantees for homeowners looking to refinance.

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