State Issues

In this section, you will find policy issues trending in the states.  NBCSL provides coverage of problems that disproportionately affect those who are disadvantaged, and gathers solutions being offered with a particular emphasis on cost-effective and evidence-based models.

Model Legislation

NBCSL has combed the nation searching for state legislation that should be replicated. You will find a synopsis of the policy problem, intended solution, and listing of applicable legislation.

Legislative Updates Archives

Voting Rights Tool Kit: Expanding the Right to Vote in Our States

NBCSL strongly promotes safeguarding and broadening voting rights, pills and since the organization was founded, NBCSL has fought against efforts to prohibit, suppress, and limit the vote. In the face of recent suppressive attacks across the country, NBCSL released a full voting rights toolkit for state lawmakers (and external partners) as they continue to fight back to protect our nation's most sacred right.

The toolkit consists of four items: 1) Upholding Voting Rights for All Americans (a special report on expansive voting rights legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by NBCSL members between 2011 and 2013) 2) Charts detailing state by state information on reviewed legislation, 3) A sample press release for Black state lawmakers, and 4) A sample newsletter article for Black state lawmakers.

NBCSL Voting Rights Legislation Report  
Sample Newsletter Article Voting Rights  
Sample Press Release Voting Rights  

Legislative Priorities:

Several members of the NBCSL leadership came to Washington, DC for NBCSL on the Hill, July 11-12, 2012.  The entire event was centered on five legislative priorities selected from policy resolutions ratified by the full membership during the recent Annual Legislative Conference. The 2012 NBCSL Legislative Priorities cover five main categories that NBCSL has deemed of great importance and concern: stabilizing the state economies, health care reform, innovation and technology, energy development, and improving education.


NBCSL commissions special reports and publishes its magazine, The Legislator, three times per year.  In 2011, NBCSL released a follow-up publication to our 2001 Closing the Achievement Gap report, which discusses the academic achievement gap between African American and Anglo American students, the causes, and solutions.  The newest report, Closing the Achievement Gap and Beyond- 2011 Follow-Up Report: One Decade Later, highlights some of the tremendous changes that have occurred over the last decade at the state and federal level, and elaborates on the progress achieved as well as the work that still remains.



NBCSL’s Magazines, the Legislator, serves as an informational resource for both the organization’s members and constituents. It is published three (3) times a year in both electronic and print format, disseminated to the 600+ members, as well as uploaded to the organization’s Web site. If you are interested in contributing to the Legislator, download the Magazines Guidelines and follow the instructions as outlined. Be sure to submit your article by the appropriate deadline date. NBCSL also welcomes advertisements that do not conflict with the organization’s mission; all requests for advertisements will be subject to approval.


All questions regarding the Legislator magazine should be submitted to .

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