Rep Bell
Rep. Christopher Bell (MS)

  Rep E BanksRep. Earle S. Banks (MS)

  Sen BishopSen. Wesley Bishop (LA)

  Sen Gloria ButlerSen. Gloria Butler (GA)

Sen Bobby ChampionSen. Bobby Champion (MN)

  Karen Camper
Rep. Karen Camper (TN)

  Rep Bobby DuboseRep. Bobby DuBose (FL)

  Brenda GilmoreRep. Brenda Gilmore (TN)

Rep HardawayRep. G.A. Hardaway (TN)

  david haleySen. David Haley (KS)

  Rep Eric Johnson1Rep. Eric Johnson (TX)

  Floyd McKissick JrSen. Floyd McKissick, Jr. (NC)

RepJohnRKing2Rep. John King (SC)

  gerald nealSen. Gerald Neal (KY)

  Helen MillerRep. Helen Miller (IA)

  Senator RandolphSen. Lonnie Randolph (IN)

Sen ValenciaSen. Valencia Seay (GA)

  Rep StraughterRep. Rufus Straughter (MS)

  Rep Clem SmithRep. Clem Smith (MO)

  Rep shacklefordRep. Robin Shackleford (IN)

RepPatSmith LA
Rep. Patricia Smith (LA)

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