Sen. Tonya Anderson (GA)
Sen. Tonya Anderson (GA)

  Rep BellRep. Christopher Bell (MS)

  Rep.Kamia.Brown FLRep. Kamia Brown (FL)

  Sen Gloria ButlerSen. Gloria Butler (GA)

Sen. Steven Bradford (CA)Sen. Steven Bradford (CA)

  Rep.Earl Banks (MS)Rep. Earl Banks (MS)

  Rep Bobby DuboseRep. Bobby DuBose (FL)

  Brenda GilmoreSen. Brenda Gilmore (TN)

Rep. Juandalynn Givan (ALRep. Juandalynn Givan (AL)

  david haleySen. David Haley (KS)

  Rep HardawayRep. G.A. Hardaway (TN)

  Rep. Carolyn Hugley (GA)Rep. Carolyn Hugley (GA)

RepJohnRKing2Rep. John King (SC)

  Rep. London Lamar (TN)Rep. London Lamar (TN)

  Sen. Karla May (MO)Sen. Karla May (MO)

  Rep. Anika Omphroy (FL)Rep. Anika Omphroy (FL)

Assem. Nick Perry (NY)Assem. Nick Perry (NY)

  Rep.Toni Rose TXRep. Toni Rose (TX)

  Rep.Sandra Scott GARep. Sandra Scott (GA)

  Rep shacklefordRep. Robin Shackleford (IN)

Rep. kim Schofield - GARep. Kim Schofield (GA)            
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