Asm. Khaleel Anderson_NY
Asm. Khaleel M. Anderson (NY)

  Rep. Carl L. Anderson SC Rep. Carl L. Anderson (SC)

  Rep.Earl Banks (MS)Rep. Earl Banks (MS)

  Rep. Debra Bazemore (GA)Rep. Debra Bazemore (GA)

Rep. Christopher Bell_MSRep. Christopher Bell (MS)

  Rep. Rhetta A. Bowers, TX Rep. Rhetta A. Bowers (TX)

  Rep. Donna Bullock, PA  Rep. Donna Bullock (PA)

  Del. Melony Griffith MD Del. Melony Griffith (MD)

david haleySen. David Haley (KS)

  Rep. Torrey Harris, TN Rep. Torrey Harris (TN)

  Rep. Kendra Johnson, DE  Rep. Kendra Johnson (DE)

  RepJohnRKing2Rep. John King (SC)

Rep. AJ McCampbell, AL Rep. AJ McCampbell (AL)

  Rep. Annie E. McDaniel SC Rep. Annie E. McDaniel (SC)

  Rep. Lakeisha Meyers, WI Rep. Lakeisha Meyers (WI)

  Rep. Antonio Parkinson, TN Rep. Antonio Parkinson (TN)

Rep hughsDel. Sheree Sample-Hughes (MD)

  Rep.Sandra Scott GARep. Sandra Scott (GA)

  Rep. Robin Shackleford_INRep. Robin Shackleford (IN)

  Rep. Marie Paule Woodson FL
Rep. Marie Woodson (FL)

Asm Stefani Zinerman NY
Asm. Stephani Zinerman (NY)

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