NBCSL’s Corporate Round Table (CRT) is a distinguished collaborative of corporate members, representing small and large companies, associations, and non-profit organizations across the nation. The CRT is uniquely positioned to help your company play a significant leadership role in exchanging ideas and innovative possibilities with hundreds of legislators on issues and concerns at the state, regional, or national levels affecting your business and underserved African American communities. Our core values of collaboration, commitment, and community goodwill are at the forefront of how we do business and are representative of our legacy to assist NBCSL members in fostering productive partnerships with the private sector.

The CRT offers a full membership package that is designed to benefit your company in many ways. You will receive opportunities to participate in the policy resolution process, work with elected officials, build grassroots alliances and networks, serve as a conference or symposium sponsor, and support relevant training opportunities.

Why Join the CRT?

  • Access: Get direct access to African-American legislative leaders and valuable information on current public policy trends.
  • Education: Participation in educational events led by policy experts and thought leaders.
  • Special Events: Invitations to attend special networking opportunities held throughout the year, such as those planned by the NBCSL president and other state, local and federal legislators.
  • Recognition: CRT members are recognized on NBCSL’s website and at all sponsored activities.
  • Lead:  Join or lead one of our policy resolution committees or serve on the CRT executive committee.
  • Voting: Each CRT member company receives one (1) vote in CRT officer elections.
  • Stay Informed: CRT members receive regular communications from NBCSL and its leadership.