Georgia manufacturing, technology sectors could see massive boost in 5G economy, report says

August 18, 2021

Top industries in Georgia are poised to benefit from 5G, the next innovation in the wireless communications industry that’s set to roll out over the next decade.

It could add $44.3 billion to the Georgia economy, according to a report from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association and the Boston Consulting Group. That means job and GDP growth in industries such as manufacturing, technology, healthcare and e-commerce, all growing sectors in the local economy.

The network, an upgrade from current 4G capabilities, enables machine-to-machine communication and reliable, low-latency communication, said Matthieu Bloch, a wireless communications expert at Georgia Tech. That means people can control robots or other objects remotely with real-time responsiveness that’s faster than 4G.

The 10-year rollout is based on the time it took other generations of wireless connectivity to become widespread.

Effects on industry

In the coming years, it’s the manufacturing industry that could see the highest number of jobs created – at 380,000 across the country because of 5G, according to the CTIA report.

5G enables manufacturing to have automation and robotics, said Nick Ludlum, CTIA chief communications officer. Those different sets of technologies require different sets of skills.

Georgia has a strong manufacturing sector, mostly in machinery, electrical equipment and metal, producing a $61.1 billion output with 270,000 workers, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The new connectivity could reinvent that industry.

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