State of Florida SB220 – SB 220 – Addressing the Abandonment of African-American cemeteries

Committee of Jurisdiction: Business and Economic Development


In light of the discoveries of abondoned African-American cemeteries, this bill was introduced on creating a Task Force on Creating the Task Force on Abandoned African-American Cemeteries; requiring the Department of State to partner with specified entities to undertake an investigation of the former Zion Cemetery site; requiring the department to contract with the University of South Florida and the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University for the identification and location of eligible next of kin, etc.

State Action

NBCSL members Sen. Audrey Gibson (FL) and Sen Darryl Rouson (FL) have been to the forefront of this effort and have successfully driven passage of this bill through the Florida Senate.


State of Florida SB220 , The bill calls for a partnership with the University of South Florida for a deeper investigation of the Zion Cemetery that would include exhuming bodies and offering financial support to descendants of those interred at the cemetery for costs related to reinternment, grave markers and funerals.

SB220 - Abandoned Afrcan American Cemeteries NBCSL Member Sponsors: Sen. Audrey Gibson (FL) and Sen Darryl Rouson (FL)

Summary:  A bill that prompts investigating the discoveries of abandoned African-American Cemeteries in South Florida.

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