State of Illinois – IBLC Agenda Pilars – Four Pilars on the IBLC Agenda Passed – SB-1608-SB1792-SB1980-HB0158

Committee of Jurisdiction: Health and Human Services and Law, Justice, and Ethics


ACT 1 – HB0158 – An ACT Concerning Health and Human Services
ACT 2 – SB1608 – An ACT Concerning State Government
ACT 3 – SB1792 – An ACT Concerning Regulations
ACT 4 – SB1980 – An ACT Concerning Local Government

The aforementioned ACT’S form the fabric of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Agenda for 2021 and duly signed into law. See agenda here.

State Action

NBCSL members, Representatives Sonya Harper, Carol Ammons and Kam Buckner are Co-Sponsors of these bills.


State of Illinois,

ILBC 2021 Agenda –

ILBC NBCSL Member Sponsors: Representatives Sonya Harper, Carol Ammons, and Kam Buckner
Summary:  ILBC 2021 Agenda – HB-0158, SB1608, SB1792 and S1980

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