Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NBCSL Seeks to Expand Much Great Access to Broadband Coverage to Communities of Color

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Roslyn Smith

April 12, 2017—The National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) has set focus on building “Next Generation Networks” in cities throughout the country to provide much expanded broadband access for communities of color.

NBCSL members came together at the organization’s recent Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) in New Orleans with the NBCSL’s Inter-Governmental Taskforce taking the lead in exploring the benefits and challenges of building the network.

“The opportunities created by access to broadband are widespread and have the potential to positively change the lives of millions of Americans,” said NBCSL President Gregory W. Porter, also an Indiana state representative from Indianapolis. “Mobile broadband makes a significant contribution to the vitality and sustainability of cities contributing to opportunities in education, health, employment, and entrepreneurship. As a result, the demand for broadband access in our urban communities is growing at a phenomenal rate. However, a disproportionate number of African American consumers are greatly underserved.”

“Many of these urban consumers are smart-phone dependent with a significant number who use smart phones as their sole or primary source of broadband access,” explained Porter. “As African-American legislative leaders, we must ensure that our communities are full beneficiaries of the promise that these technologies hold. The NBCSL Taskforce is designed to optimize these opportunities.”

The NBCSL’s Inter-Governmental Taskforce presented “Next Generation Wireless Networks for Cities and Communities of Color: THE PATH FORWARD” at the ALC gathering in New Orleans. Dr. Kevin Kornegay, Morgan State University professor and IoT Security Endowed Chair, lent his expertise and support to the Taskforce and its presentation. The NBCSL is committed to continue discussion and work with the Taskforce members.

The Taskforce members are comprised of state and local governmental officials from throughout the country. Their mission was to discuss and formulate a set of best practices to ensure a more rapid and cost-effective building of next generation networks for the benefit of consumers and communities.


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