Dear Legislative Staff and Members,

I bring you warm greetings on behalf of the African American Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (AALSCC) officers and members. I am Shawna Williams, the Executive Director of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus and newly elected Chair of AALSCC.

In the State of North Carolina, I have the privilege of supporting a combined 39 members of the House and Senate as well as their staff. As the Chair of this organization, I am ecstatic about the opportunity to serve nationally with our Officers, Executive Board, Legislative Staff and Members from across the country!

As an extension of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL), our objective is to develop and conduct educational and training programs for African-American and Minority legislative staff. The AALSCC exists to enhance, promote and support the mission of NBCSL by providing research, constituent relations, strategic ideas and a robust knowledge base from which all members can benefit. As such, Legislative staffers like you are invaluable to not only their local Legislators but to the overall success of each state’s General Assembly. As a member of AALSCC, my goal is to provide you with a rare and unique opportunity to collaborate and network with Legislators and other Administrative professionals throughout the United States. As your leader, my primary objective is to serve you. I believe that a cohesive team is a strong and effective team. To that end, I am committed to utilizing all resources available to me for AALSCC members to attend regional meetings, workshops and the Annual Legislative Conference.

As we enter this new legislative Biennium, with your help, my priority is simple: Expand Our Reach and Enlarge Our Base. I believe we can accomplish this together. I invite you to join this journey with me so we can continue making a difference in our communities.

Finally, to those of you who are already members, THANK YOU for your continued service and support. Thank you for helping lay the foundation on which we can continue to build. Your commitment to the mission and vision of the AALSCC is invaluable and I look forward to seeing you soon!

To obtain more information concerning our organization, email Allyson Sneed (TN) AALSCC Organizational Assistant at: 


Shawna Williams
Chair, African American Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (AALSCC)
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