NBCSL Responds to Midterm Election Results

Washington DC —“Congratulations are extended to all of the newly elected officials across America who won local or national races in the midterm elections,” said National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) President and Indiana State Representative Gregory W. Porter. “We also want to thank the candidates who did not win for running competitive campaigns and taking defeat so graciously, something that differentiates our country from other nations around the globe. But the most crucial factor in the midterm elections wasn’t the winners or losers—it was the people who went to the polls to vote.”

“Midterm elections matter significantly in helping to determine the direction of our democracy. Our constituents went to the polls in record numbers and exercised their constitutional right to vote. Over 113 million individuals cast their ballots on Tuesday, which is almost half of the U.S. population that is eligible to vote,” said President Porter.  “The voter turnout was unprecedented for individual states for a midterm election, which only punctuates how important the issues are to all of the NBCSL constituents.  Some of the most important topics that brought voters to the polls were healthcare, jobs, and education—issues  that are major concerns for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or national origin.”

“Not only did individuals cast their votes to address the issues, they also voted for women in record numbers. Women made major strides in state and local elections and nationally, winning numerous races; most notably on a national level with more than 100 women elected to Congress to represent constituents from rural, urban, and suburban districts.  In addition, our state houses across America will welcome new legislators who have all committed to serving the needs of the people who voted them into office.” 

“The midterm elections are over and as legislators, we will continue our mission of passing legislation improves the lives of all Americans, regardless of race, color, or religious creed,” said President Porter.  “The election results were a testament to the diversity that makes America America.  “Regardless of party affiliation, NBCSL will continue to work with all members of state legislatures and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with community groups, and other state, local, and national organizations to advance policies that will improve the overall well being of the people we represent.”