I am Tanisha Woods, Chief of Operations in Oklahoma’s Senate District 48. The dedicated work and precise methods we have taken through the past year to cultivate a dynamic influence within this organization has been nothing short of greatness. It is an honor to serve as the Chair of the National Black Legislative Staff Leadership Council (formerly AALSCC). Together we have completed some well-intentioned policy changes, which will expand our organization and excite staff across the nation. One of the profoundly and exclusive attributes of NBLSLC is that we are privileged to anticipate the needs of our organization. In turn, this action provides the building blocks for our work to better support ourselves and the elected members of NBCSL in our respective states. It is my pleasure to welcome all new and reactivated staff members. As we embark on this new year, our goals are clear, increase and maintain relationships, recognize, and encourage staff membership, and present value-added workshops.

In NBLSLC we have the distinct opportunity for Ambassadors of all states to “shake the tree” as they say to bring the work of the organization more publicity. We know that in order to reach higher heights the work will serve as a sure measure of our success. This year, as your Chair, I will endeavor to remain steadfast and committed to the work of the National Black Legislative Staff Leadership Council.

We remain enthusiastic supporters of our NBCSL leadership President Laura Hall and President-Elect Harold Love and members. The year will be what we make it, and I anticipate a new level of stimulating community policies, policy work moving to the next level, an opulence of hope, strength, and an increased level of distinction seen from the impact generated through the dedicated hard work completed within this organization.

Cheers to a positive and progressively led new year, 2023! I truly look forward to a continuation of distinction and uplift within the largest impactful National Black Legislative Organizations, as we move forward with our motto, “Filling in the Gaps and Fortifying our Leaders”.

Yours in service,

Tanisha Woods, MSHRM