Christian Garrett – February 2024

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Christian Garrett started as a legislative intern for the 2023 legislative session, and  moved into the position as interim intern in May of the same year.  His dedication and professionalism was a great match for the team, which resulted in a full time position in August 2023.  Christian holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Health and Public Policy from Ball State University.  It is his tenacity and inquisitiveness in the areas of economic development, reproductive health, pharma, addiction, child welfare, and environmental health that led him to this position.  Christians initial passion for the wellbeing of others and the community pushed him to explore an agency; wherein, his career development will soar.  He is the current staffer for the Indiana Legislature in Commerce and Economic Development, Public Health, and Medicaid Oversight.  Christian understands what it means to have balance in his life and enjoys hiking, reading, museums, spending time with friends, and he is a treasured book collector.  Today we celebrate the ongoing accomplishments of Christian Garrett.  Keep being a beacon of light!