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1998 Ratified Policy Resolutions

Executive Committee Leadership

98-01 Change of NBCSL Fiscal Year
98-02 State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
98-03 Ernestine Dillard: NBCSL 1998 Artist-in-Residence

Elementary and Secondary Education Leadership

98-04 America’s Public School Buildings
98-05 Delivering Quality Education to African-American Children
98-06 Improving Low-Performing Schools
98-07 “Read Across America” Day

Health Committee Leadership

98-08 Managed Care and Consumer Protections
98-09 Increasing Public Awareness of Post-menopausal Women’s Health
98-10 Coverage of Routine Glaucoma Screening

Housing Committee Leadership

98-11 The Nat’l Brotherhood of Section 3 Workers of Local 1888
98-12 Measures to Address the Problem of Childhood Lead Exposure

Human Services Committee Leadership

98-13 Condemnation of the Cowardly Act of Child Abuse and Neglect
98-14 Blood Pressure Awareness, Prevention and Treatment

Insurance Committee Leadership

98-15 Support for Methods for Determining Fair Insurance Practices

International Affairs Committee Leadership

98-16 Support for Australia’s Delegation of Aboriginal People
98-17 Urging Increased Involvement in U.S. Policy Toward African Nations
98-18 Support for Democracy in Haiti
98-19 Support for the Current Government of Sudan
98-20 African Trade and Investment Legislation
98-21 Debt Relief for African Countries
98-22 Support for the Rights of African Hebrew Israelites

Labor and Management Committee Leadership

98-23 A Call for Job Training Legislation
98-24 Support for a Living Wage
98-25 Workers’ Civil Rights to Free Association
98-26 Protections for Welfare Reform Workers
98-27 The Crown Central Petroleum Lockout

Law and Justice Committee Leadership

98-28 Urging the Establishment of State Commissions on Race Relations
98-29 Support for Statistical Sampling for the 2000 Census
98-30 Creation of a Task Force on Alternative Election Systems
98-31 Support for the Appointment and Confirmation of Bill Lann Lee
98-32 Support for the Appointment of David Satcher, MD
98-33 Support for the Nomination of Florida State Senator Darryl Jones
98-34 Support for the National Coalition on Black Voter Participation
98-35 Support for the CBC Working group on the Tobacco Settlement
98-36 The Prevalence of Weapons in Our Communities
98-37 Support of Equal Opportunity for All People
98-38 U.S. Constitution’s Reference to a Three-fifths Personhood

Post-Secondary Education Committee Leadership

98-39 Redeeming the American Promise Through Higher Education
98-40 Recognition of the Underground Railroad

Telecommunications and Energy Committee Leadership

98-41 Principles for Restructuring the Electric Power Industry

Transportation and Environment Committee

98-42 Neighborhood Protection Act
98-43 Transportation Improvements and Economic Opportunity
98-44 Environment Rights

Youth Committee Leadership

98-45 Renouncing and Denouncing the Use of the “N” Word
98-46 Support for the Black Student Leadership Forum

African-American Males Task Force Leadership

98-47 Privatization of Prisons

Ethics Task Force Leadership

98-48 Orientation for Legislators on Matters Dealing with Ethics
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