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2001 Ratified Policy Resolutions

African American Males Task force

01-01 Developing Entrepreneurial Programs for Youth
01-02 Research and information Technology
01-03 Submittal of Model Legislation
01-04 Disparity in Sentencing Report
01-05 Opposing Prison Privatization

Black Consumerism and Corporate Responsibility

01-06 Consumer Loan Regulation
01-07 State Community Economic Development

Business and Finance

01-08 Minority Money Managers and Brokers

Elementary and Secondary Education

01-09 Fair Funding for Federal Special Education Mandates
01-10 Public School Funding
01-11 Ensuring High Quality in Distance Education for College Credit
01-12 Improving Standards for K-12 Schools
01-13 A National Model for Safe Schools and A Public School Partnership Focused On Closing the Academic Achievement Gap Among Minority Students
01-14 Support for the Creation and Expansion of After School Programs in the Public Schools


01-15 the Aids Crisis in African Communities Throughout the World
01-16 Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
01-17 Supporting Public Health interventions for HIV-infected Persons in Prisons and Jails
01-18 Organ/Bone Marrow Procurement and Transplantation
01-19 Calling for a Community Awareness Campaign and Study about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and the Prevalence of Lupus among African American Women in the United States of America

Health Care Reform

01-20 Asthma in School-Based Settings


01-21 Homeowner Protection: Anti-Predatory Lending

Human Services

01-22 Hunger in the United States
01-23 Importance of Protecting Civil Rights in Welfare Programs
01-24 Adequate Funding for State Civil Legal Service Programs
01-25 Opposing Prison Privatization
01-26 Reauthorization of the TANF Program


01-27 State Children’s Health Insurance Programs
01-28 Surety Bonding
01-29 Universal Health Assurance

international Affairs

01-30 Resolution on the Encyclopedia Africana
01-31 Africa Debt and Global Apartheid
01-32 Native American Rights
01-33 Global initiative on AIDS in Africa
01-34 Immigration
01-35 NBA/African Benefit Basketball Game
01-36 State Black Caucus African/Affairs/HIV/AIDS Committee
01-37 Support for Summer Pre-College Study Abroad Scholarship Program to help HBCUs Recruit and Retain Highest Achieving Black High School Students
01-38 United States Agency for international Development
01-39 Assistance for War Refugees from Africa

Labor and Management

01-40 Immigration Resolution
01-41 Collective Bargaining
01-42 Equal Pay
01-43 Low Wage Workers
01-44 Mandatory Overtime
01-45 Support for the Creation and Expansion of After School Programs in the Public Schools
01-46 Unemployment insurance Reform

Law and Justice

01-47 Faith Roundtable and the NBCSL
01-48 Omnibus Criminal Justice Bill
01-49 Calling on Congress to Hold Hearings to investigate Voting Irregularities in the Presidential Election
01-50 to Further Limit the Access to the Criminal Offender Record information.
01-51 A Resolution Memorializing Congress to increase Financial and Technical Support to Improve the Condition of Our Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C.
01-52 Calling on the Justice Department to investigate Voting Irregularities in the Presidential Election
01-53 Kemba Smith Resolution
01-54 Calling for Justice for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
01-55 Moratorium on Executions
01-56 Opposing Prison Privatization
01-57 Private Criminal Complaints
01-58 Calling on State Hearings to Examine Voting Irregularities in the Presidential Election
01-59 Posting Voters Bill of Rights at Precincts


01-60 Creating the NBCSL Task force on Redistricting and Reapportionment

Transportation and Environment

01-61 Neighborhood Protection Act
01-62 Persistent Organic Pollutants-Dioxin
01-63 Protecting Children’s Environment Health
01-64 Environment Justice: Jobs and Clean Air

Executive Committee

01-65 National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) Hydrocarbon Energy Access Resolution and Policy Statement
01-66 in Support of Washington Juneteenth 2001 National Holiday Observance and National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign
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