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2002 Ratified Policy Resolutions

African American Males

02-01 Developing Entrepreneurial Programs for Youth
02-02 Bio-Terrorism
02-03 African American Males Reorganizing the National Males Council


02-04 Promotion of Continued Research, Education, and Support for Agricultural Biotechnology and Free Market Access to New Technologies
02-05 Concerns of Black Farmers and Rural Landowners

Alternative Election Systems

02-06 Election Reform Model Resolution
02-07 Campaign Finance Reform
02-08 National Voting Rights Celebration

Business and Finance

02-09 Predatory Lending
02-10 Non-Bank Consumer Anti-Profiling Protection

Elementary and Secondary Education

02-11 Legislative Education information & Referral System
02-12 NBCSL Supports the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
02-13 Adopting the Blueprint for Action “Closing the Achievement Gap”


02-14 Ethics and Rules Training for All State Legislators

Faith Roundtable and E Clearing House

02-15 Resolution to Support Ongoing Dialogues and Monitoring the White House initiative on Faith


02-16 Childhood Immunization
02-17 Proposed Amendment to Medicare
02-18 Quality of Patient Medical Care
02-19 Medicare Reimbursement for Vitamin D therapy for Dialysis Patients
02-20 Hepatitis
02-21 Hepatitis Immunization, Testing, and Treatment for Prisoners
02-22 Universal Coverage for Diabetes Treatment and Education
02-23 Dental Amalgam
02-24 Consumer inclusion in HIV Services

Healthcare Reform

02-25 Urban Coalitions
02-26 infant Mortality
02-27 Human Genome Project
02-28 Medicare Discount Card Program
02-29 Aids and the Home Care Worker
02-60 the Prevalence of Diabetes in the African American Community


02-30 NBCSL 2001 Housing Policy Resolution

Human Services

02-31 Hunger in the United States
02-32 Reauthorization of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program
02-33 Collaboration Between Black and Hispanic Legislators Regarding TANF Implementation


02-34 Small Face Life insurance
02-35 Race-Based Pricing

international Affairs

02-36 tolerance Resolution
02-37 Study Abroad
02-38 Congratulations to the Gambia for Holding Free and Fair Elections
02-39 Becoming A Private Volunteer Organization
02-40 the Global Sullivan Principles

Labor and Management

02-41 Protecting Social Security
02-42 State Community Economic Development
02-43 Economic Stimulus

Law and Justice

02-44 William A. Borders Resolution
02-45 Repeal Minimum Mandatory Sentencing
02-46 Programs for Re-Entry to Society
02-47 Compensation for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment
02-48 Medicaid Records
02-49 Racial Gender Disparity
02-50 Prosecutors
02-51 Minimum State Training Standards for Private Security Guards
02-52 in Memory of Pinkie Wilkerson
02-53 Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Post Secondary Education

02-54 Advancing Equal Educational Opportunities in Postsecondary Education for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Recipients
02-55 1890 State Matching Funds

Transportation and Environment

02-56 Congress Playing Politics With the Livelihood of Laid-off Airline Workers
02-57 Traffic Crashes

General Submissions

02-58 A Resolution to Urge the Congress of the United States to Declare September 11 As A National Day of Observance for Prayer and Recognition
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