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2003 Ratified Policy Resolutions


03-125 New Bretton Woods Resolution

Business & Finance

03-3 An NBCSL initiative for Personal Financial Literacy
03-63 Initiative for Review of Diversity in State Pension Funds Through Disclosure and Monitoring

Election Reform

03-89 Election Technology Reform
03-94 Standard-Less Discretion and Election Reform

Elementary & Secondary Education

03-82 Meeting Equivalent Accreditation for Supplemental Service Providers
03-83 NBCSL Chairperson of Elementary & Secondary Education to Create National Educational Summit
03-75 Resolution for a Bi-Yearly Meeting of the National Black Caucus Elementary and Secondary Education Committee to Monitor the Process on "Close the Gap"


03-93 National Conference on Voter’s Rights and Election Reform

Faith Round Table & E Clearinghouse Project

03-42 to Create a Task force to Evaluate and Recommend Draft Language and Model Legislation That Addresses Faith-Based and Community Service in Local Communities


03-41 Consumer Health Assistance Programs: Creation, Adequate Funding & Authority
03-7 Diabetic insurance Coverage
03-6 Freedom of Choice Access to Oral Health
03-7 Medicare Coverage Card Program
03-19 Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis C
03-12 Proposed Amendment to Medicare
03-11 Quality of Patient Medical Care

Health Care Reform

03-10 Adequate Funding for Medicaid/Schip
03-21 Proposed Protection of Medicaid Beneficiaries Access to Pharmaceuticals
03-103 Protecting African Americans and Minorities Health Related Needs Through Tobacco Settlement Funds
03-9 Resolution on Prevention and Treatment of Obesity
03-5 Training of Medical Professionals to Eliminate Treatment Bias


03-58 Prohibition of Predatory Lending
03-127 Homelessness Among Veterans

Human Services

03-52 Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Responses in TANF Program
03-62 Hunger in the United States
03-54 Postsecondary Education for TANF Recipients
03-53 Reauthorization of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program


03-103 Owner Controlled insurance
03-70 Small Business insurance
03-13 Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Parity
03-68 Universal Health insurance
03-81 Use of Credit Scoring

international Affairs

03-85 a Resolution Opposing the United States invasion of Iraq
03-114 Botswana Educational and Assistance Exchange Between NBCSL and Botswana
03-14 Cooperation Between a University in New Jersey and NBCSL’s international Technical Assistance Center (ITAC)
03-50 Haitian Immigrants
03-115 international Trade and Education
03-111 Recognizing Angela Munson
03-107 Recognizing James L. Thomas
03-65 Resolution in Support of African Refugees
03-86 Resolution in Support of Peace and Stability in the Ivory Coast
03-120 Resolution to Re-Commit NBCSL to the Leon H. Sullivan Summit, July 2002 in Abuja, Nigeria
03-109 United States Agency for International Development

Labor and Management

03-92 Pension Funds, investments With Job Intensive Opportunities
03-121 Repealing the Government Pension offset and Windfall Elimination Provisions from the Social Security Act
03-119 Unemployment Benefits

Law & Justice

03-16 Abolition of Death Penalty for Juvenile offenders
03-99 Automatic Reinstatement of Voter Registration Upon Completion of Sentence
03-110 Challenge to Lott’s Remarks
03-80 Compensation for Wrongful Convictions
03-112 Credit Reporting
03-30 Documentation of Criminal Research
03-102 Establishment of NBCSL Legal Defense Fund
03-79 Homicide investigation of a State Elected official
03-60 Leonard Peltier Justice Resolution
03-104 Medicaid for Juvenile offenders
03-15 Moratorium on the Death Penalty
03-106 National Black Caucus of State Legislators Voter Registration Drive
03-59 Recidivism Disclosure
03-100 Repeal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
03-98 Restoration of Voting Rights
03-105 Restore Black Entertainment Television News Programs
03-35 Support for the American Community Survey
03-127 Senator Trent Lott Remarks

Post-Secondary Education

03-49 Accreditation of Morris Brown College
03-67 Meeting the Challenges of Black Students in Securing a College Education

Science & Technology

03-57 Engineering Programs
03-46 NBCSL forwards E-Clearinghouse Project to Promote Use of Technology and online Content in Underserved Communities

Transportation & Environment

03-91 Black Mold
03-87 Creating State Advisory Committees on Housing Construction Policy
03-88 Enforcing Standards to Prevent the Problem of Black Mold
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