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2005 Ratified Policy Resolutions

Business & Finance

05-02 The Motor Vehicle Owner’s Right to Repair Act
05-29 Private and Public Support of African American Lobbyists
05-160 The American Economic System of Private Enterprise

Elementary & Secondary Education

05-01 NBCSL-NHCSL National Closing the Gaps Campaign for African American and Hispanic Students
05-11 Urging Schools to Provide Instruction on Healthy Lifestyle Choices Including Physical Education Programs
05-14 Labor Education for Elementary and Secondary Schools
05-17 Recognizing Need for Teacher Quality in Schools
05-157 Multi-Faceted Testing


05-05 Promoting Domestic Sources of Energy for America
05-07 National Energy Policy


05-08 Expanding Environmental Justice
05-09 Reducing Risk in Communities
05-145 Increasing Enforcement of EPA Regulation


05-28 To Establish a NBCSL Committee on Veteran Affairs


05-06 Kidney Dialysis Cost-of-Living Medicaid Reimbursement Resolution
05-10 Minority Participation in Clinical Trials, Health Care Research and Development and Health Care Products and Services
05-12 Childhood Obesity Health Disparities
05-15 Health Care Coverage for Working Americans
05-19 Addressing Asthma Health Disparities
05-31 Access and Quality of Patient Medical Care/Eliminating Racial/ Ethnic Bias
05-133 Chronic Kidney Disease as a Health Disparity
05-136 Urging Congress to Reinstate Coverage Under Medicare for Rehabilitative Services for Persons Who are Homebound
05-137 Proposed Resolution on the Uninsured and Commending Pfizer for Providing a Meaningful Solution through the Helpful Answers and Pfizer Pfriends Initiatives
05-139 Cervical Cancer Elimination Task Forces
05-142 AIDS


05-21 Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Reclaiming Abandoned Properties
05-22 Improving Homeownership Opportunities for and Preventing Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

Human Services

05-125 Kinship Caregiver Support Act (Clinton Bill-S2706)
05-127 Housing for Grandparent and other Relative Caregivers
05-128 Kinship Navigator Programs

International Affairs

05-23 Sudan Resolution
05-113 Recognizing the Struggle of Afro-Latinos in Latin America and the Caribbean
05-114 Normalizing US Government and Social Relations with Cuba
05-115 Economic Development and Emergency Funds for Combating Disease in Africa
05-116 Implementing Strategy for Ending Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
05-144 Declaring Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
05-146 Urging the United States Commitment to the United Nations Global Fund for Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
05-147 Memorializing the 10th Anniversary of the Rwanda Conflict in Memory of Rwandese Genocide Victims


05-16 Living Wage for All

Law And Justice

05-18 A Resolution to Investigate the Real Cost of the War on Drugs
05-120 Educating Prison Inmates on Voting Rights
05-121 Presidential Election Day as a National Holiday
05-122 Addressing the Reentry Crisis of Ex-Prisoners and Providing Assistance for Ex-Prisoners
05-123 Plight of the Black Farmers on the USDA Loan and Credit Policies Toward African American Farmers
05-124 Banning Sterilization of Persons
05-126 Illegal Suppression of Evidence and Unconstitutional Rulings by the Judge in Reference to Mumia Aba-Jamal
05-131 Urging the Congress of the United States to Repeal Mandatory Minimum Sentences
05-131 To Urge and Request the Federal Sentencing Commission Revise and Repeal the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and their Overall Effect on the Federal Criminal Justice System
05-132 Compensating Survivors of Forced Sterilization
05-134 Ex-Post Facto Clause Prohibiting Retroactive Application of Law
05-141 Urging Congress to Reauthorize the “Special Provision of the Voting Rights Act
05-143 Urging State and Municipal Leaders to Insure Adequate African American Media Participation in State and Municipal Advertising Contracts Similar to that Required Under Federal Law

Post-Secondary Education

05-25 Fighting Bans on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunities for Success
05-26 Affordability and Tuition Costs of Post-Secondary Education

Science & Technology

05-151 Task Force on Implementation of Help America Vote Act
05-152 NBCSL Supports Distance Learning to Close Achievement Gap
05-153 Verified Paper Audit Trail


05-04 Access to Telecommunications Lifeline Services
05-20 NBCSL Calls on the Federal Communications Commission to Carefully Weigh the Impact of any Intended Reforms to the Universal Service Funding Methodology to our Nation’s Most Vulnerable
05-143 Urging State and Municipal Leaders to Insure Adequate African American Media Participation in State and Municipal Advertising Contracts Similar to that Required Under Federal Law


05-13 Hours of Service Regulation


05-154 Obesity Awareness Month
05-156 Obesity in Youth
05-158 Youth Childhood Obesity Joint Study

General Session

05-201 Establishing Health Disparities Commissions
05-202 To Establish a Veterans Roundtable
05-203 Health Disparities and Increase Enrollment in Medicaid-funded Health Services
05-205 The President Emergency Plan for Aids Reform Caribbean and Dominican Republic Expansion
05-206 Adult Sickle Cell Anemia
05-207 NBCSL Supports State and Local Government Policies to Make Wireless Telecommunications Services Widely Available
05-208 NBCSL Calls on the Federal Communications Commission to Review the Current Definitions of Telecommunications and Information Services
05-209 Dangers of Minors and Internet Chat Rooms
05-210 The Effects of Violent Interactive Video Games on Children
05-211 Establishing a Special Committee to Review the Juvenile Justice System
05-212 Resolution in Support of Emmett Till Justice Campaign
05-213 National Union of Families
05-214 Reauthorization of Office of Minority Health and Appropriation of Funds and Staff for the Office of Minority Health and Office for Civil Rights, at the Office of the Secretary United States Department of Health and Human Services
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