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2006 Ratified Policy Resolutions

Business & Finance

06-61 Promoting and Diversifying the Automotive and Machine Tool Sectors of Our National Economy
06-41 Ending Insurance Redlining in Michigan
06-97 HBCUs and Gaming Management Training
06-63 South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus and Wachovia Bank’s Apology for Ties to the Slave Trade
06-62 Facilitating a Better Understanding of Credit Scoring
06-100 Increase Focus on Gaming/Tourism
06-102 Diversity in the Class III Gaming Industry
06-110 Asset Building
06-109 Supporting Qualifying Income for Earned Income Tax Credit

Elementary & Secondary Education

06-82 Make America’s High Schools Better for All Students


06-60 Endorsing State Adoption of the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
06-54 Underground Petroleum Tanks
06-49 Bio Hazards Labs
06-119 Effective Planning for Future Environmental Disasters


06-107 Providing Ethics Experts or Attorneys to NBCSL Members


06-45 Establishing a NBCSL Homeland Security Committee
06-01 Making Credit Products and Financial Service Available


06-108 Dental Exams before Entering School
06-51 Free Clinics
06-50 Improving Diabetes in the United States of America
06-121 Extension of Medicare New Prescription Drug Program Part D Enrollment
06-48 Access to Kidney Dialysis Medication


06-75 Supporting Information Sharing of Fraudulent Practices
06-71 High-Pressure Marketing Tactics
06-72 Understanding the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
06-73 Cooperative Housing Development Projects With HBCUs
06-74 Post-Purchase Counseling and Foreclosure Prevention

Human Services

06-118 The Taxpayer Bill of Right
06-96 Kinship Care

Hurricane Task Force

06-117 Ensuring Access to Educational Opportunities in Affected Areas
06-116 Voting Rights in the Katrina Diaspora
06-115 Disaster and Recovery Assistance for Hurricane Victims


06-58 Damage Due to Multiple Perils
06-44 Insurance Sales Practices
06-56 Insurance Settlement Practices
06-57 Researching Federal Insurance

International Affairs

06-64 Forbidding Any Incursion Upon Venezuelan Sovereignty
06-65 Urging the President of the United States to Lift the Current United States Embargo on Cuba and to Restore Full Diplomatic Relations with Cuba


06-126 Exemption of Overtime Compensation Tax
06-125 Promoting a Smart on Crime Agenda That Reduces Recidivism by Addressing Barriers That Prohibit Employment of People with Criminal Records

Law & Justice

06-92 Re-Enfranchisement of Former Offenders
06-89 Non-Citizen Immigrants Afforded Due Process of Laws
06-90 Repeal Minimum Mandatory Sentencing for Any Drug Crimes
06-53 Assata Shakur
06-95 Anti-Gang Legislation
06-81 State’s Treatment of Central State University
06-68 Honoring Malcolm X
06-88 Memorialize Congress to Extend the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Post-Secondary Education

06-91 To Eliminate PRAXIS II as the Only Factor Disqualifying Teachers from State Certification
06-103 Access Secondary Rigor and Post-Secondary Opportunity
06-99 High School Dropouts
06-98 College Access for Low-Income Students-Need-Based Aid

Sports & Entertainment

06-106 Hiring Practices of African American Coaches in Division 1 and Division 1-AA Football


06-46 Support to Increase Funding and Federal Support for Public Broadcasting
06-43 Municipal Provision of Community Broadband
06-42 Encouraging Competition and Speed: the Deployment of Advance Communication on a Non-Discriminatory Basis Encourage Competition and Speed the Deployment of Advanced Communications Networks
06-52 Support for Diversity in Media Ownership
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