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2007 Ratified Policy Resolutions

Business, Finance & Insurance

BFI–07–22 Slavery Commission
BFI–07–04 The Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act Regarding Performing Groups


EDU–07–20 Resolution on Graduation and Increased Resources on Vocational Career and Technical Education
EDU–07–21 Reducing the Dropout Rate
EDU–07–12 Opposition to the 65 Percent Solution Initiative

Energy, Environment & Transportation

ETE–07–24 Urging Diversity and Inclusion in the Publicly Regulated Utility Market
ETE–07–05 National Program on E-85 Refueling Infrastructure Development

Health & Human Services

HHS–07–19 Epilepsy Patient Prescription Drug Safety
HHS–07–26 Chronic Kidney Disease Intervention
HHS–07–25 Avoid Unfair Practice of Using Medicaid Beneficiaries and Its Large Minority Population to Extract Drug Discounts for Individuals That Do Not Qualify for Medicaid
HHS–07–27 Diabetes and Kidney Disease Disparities Reduction

International Affairs

INT–07–17 African Debt, Global Apartheid, and Genocide

Labor, Military & Veterans Affairs

LMV–07–02 National Black Caucus of State Legislators Endorses Transportation Labor Iam Day of Action 2007
LMV–07–09 Resolution Against This Misnamed Taxpayers Bill of Rights (Tabor)
LMV–07–13 The Long Term Care Workforce
LMV–07–14 Increasing the Minimum Wage
LMV–07–15 Protection Against Privatization Problems
LMV–07–16 Supporting Contract Service Budgets

Law, Justice & Ethics

LJE–07–18 Adoption of the Interstate Compact in Support of the National Popular Vote (NPV) Concept of Electing the U.S. President Based on a majority of Popular Votes Cast
LJE–07–23 Re-entry and the Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Disparities in Substance Abuse Policies
LJE–07–07 Creating a NBCSL Task Force to Address Recent Increase in Gun Violence
LJE–07–08 Election Reform
LJE–07–10 Immigration Reform
LJE–07–11 Resolution Urging Congress to Protect our Most Precious Civil Right - The Right To Vote!

Telecommunications, Science & Technology

TST–07–03 Encourage the Deployment Of Broadband Networks Without Net Neutrality
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