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2013 Ratified Policy Resolutions

Agriculture (AGR)

AGR-13-09 Committed to Reducing Malnutrition in the United States
AGR-13-10 in Support of infant Nutrition Outreach initiatives
AGR-13-15 Addressing the Obesity Epidemic in America

Business, Financial Services, and insurance (BFI)

BFI-13-14 Promoting Safe and Affordable Lending Practices
BFI-13-20 Improving Patient Access to Prescription Medication
BFI-13-21 Ensuring That Every American Has Access to Vital Healthcare Treatments and Services
BFI-13-24 Encouraging Efficiency in Health Services to Reduce Costs
BFI-13-25 increasing Transparency in Health Care Coverage
BFI-13-29 Facilitating A Level Playing Field for All Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
BFI-13-37 increasing Fair Contracting Opportunities and Practices for Greater Economic Parity

Education (EDU)

EDU-13-28 Keeping Children with Diabetes Safe at School
EDU-13-34 Facilitating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments
EDU-13-35 Taking Action to Improve the Academic Achievement of Black and Latino Males
EDU-13-36 Reducing High School Dropout Rates by Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age to 18

Energy, Transportation, and Environment (ETE)

ETE-13-02 Recognizing the Importance of Community Water Fluoridation
ETE-13-43 Expanding the Use of Natural Gas Vehicles
ETE-13-44 Supporting Greater Collaboration Around Managing Sustainable Materials

Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment: Resolution (GSE)

GSE-13-04 Promoting Job Creation and Economic Diversification Through attraction and Expansion of Film, Television, and Digital Media Production

Health and Human Services: Resolution (HHS)

HHS-13-22 Preserving Medicare and Medicare Part D as A Critical Safety Net
HHS-13-23 Expanding Patient Access to Affordable Specialty Drugs for Chronic Diseases
HHS-13-30 increasing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Awareness and Education
HHS-13-32 Supporting Comprehensive Medication Management in Coordinated Care
HHS-13-33 Promoting Outreach to increase Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease
HHS-13-40 Supporting Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs

Housing (HSE)

HSE-13-13 in Support of Helping Families Retain Homeownership

Law, Justice, and Ethics (LJE)

LJE-13-06 Opposing Stand Your Ground/Shoot First Laws
LJE-13-08 A Call for Justice for the Scottsboro Boys
LJE-13-16 Preserving and Expanding Access to the Ballot Box for All
LJE-13-19 Supporting the Restoration of Voting Rights
LJE-13-39 Urging Fair and Equitable Distribution of inherited Property

Telecommunications, Science, and Technology (TST)

TST-13-03 Supporting Telehealth as an innovation to Medicine and Society

Youth (YTH)

YTH-13-38 Recognizing the National First Tee Program for Its Contributions to Support Youth Development and increase Physical Activity in Underserved Communities
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