We know our legislative members face time constraints and a saturated information environment. That’s why our seasoned policy experts have developed model legislation comprising of the crucial components of a successful law, such as expertise, consistency and conformity, to ensure our members have what they need to enact policy in their states. Each year, NBCSL asks its Legislative members to submit bills they have introduced, sponsored, and successfully passed in their respective state legislatures. From those submissions, a selected set  is presented by sponsor(s) at our Annual Legislative Conference and then featured as examples of Model Legislation on this platform.

States Look to Improve Relations Between Law Enforcement and Citizens

Committee of Jurisdiction: Law, Justice, and Ethics
Police officers embody a commitment to public safety and trust, however, nationwide attention has turned to several local law enforcement agencies and the number of unarmed individuals killed by a police officer.

States Marshal Change on Immigration Reform

Committee of Jurisdiction: Education; Health and Human Services; International Affairs; Law, Justice, and Ethics; Emergency Preparedness/Homeland Security; Youth
America is considered a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, created by immigration policies that have enabled many to call the U.S. home. These policies are also a matter of contention, especially within the halls of federal and state governments.

Keeping the Applicant Pool Full: How States are Removing Barriers to Employment

Committee of Jurisdiction: Law, Justice, and Ethics; Business, Financial Services and Insurance; Labor, Military and Veterans’ Affairs
Having a chance at a good job is key to making it in the United States.  Many people, however, aren’t given that chance because they have to disclose personal information, such as criminal and credit history on their job applications that may have no connection to the job for which they are applying.
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