2000 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2000 Resolutions

00-01 Binding Arbitration
00-02 Financial Support for the Black Press
00-03 Minority Contracting
00-04 Head Start Quality Improvements
00-05 Children’s Access to Books
00-06 Commission on Academic Excellence
00-07 Full-Day Kindergarten
00-08 Support for the Creation of More Affordable Childcare with A Focus on Strategies to increase Reading Readiness
00-09 Opposition to School Vouchers
00-10 Raising Reading Achievement
00-11 Tracking and So-Called “Ability Grouping”
00-12 Family Literacy
00-13 Support for Paraprofessional in Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
00-14 Adequate Staffing Standards for Direct Care Nursing
00-15 Ensuring Unrestricted Access to Prescription Medicines in Public Programs for the Poor and Underserved
00-16 Patient Safety
00-17 Prevention and Treatment Dollars for Underserved Women at Risk for Breast and Cervical Cancer
00-18 Adequate Public Funding of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Low-income Citizens
00-19 Concerning Federal Housing and Community Programs
00-20 Access to Financial Service Products
00-21 Hunger in the United States
00-22 Family Violence — the Effect on Poverty, Hunger, Welfare, Child Welfare and Homelessness
00-23 Banana Wars
00-24 HBCU Consortium and international Center for Study Abroad in Africa and the Caribbean
00-25 Immigration Laws
00-26 African African-American Legislative, Educational and Assistance Exchanges
00-27 Liberia
00-28 Partnership for Excellence in African Children’s Education (Peace)
00-29 Sierra Leone
00-30 Sudan
00-31 foreign Accountability
00-32 United States Refugee Policy toward African Nations
00-33 Facility Safety Legislation
00-34 Workers’ Freedom to Choose A Union
00-35 Postal Service Privatization
00-36 Support for Census 2000
00-37 Don King
00-38 Black Farmers
00-39 Confirmation of African-American Federal Judges
00-40 Voting Restrictions on Ex-offenders
00-41 State Bias Crime Sentencing
00-42 Title Vi Compliance Special Task force
00-43 Nationwide Affirmative Action initiatives
00-44 Legislative Proposals Regarding Racial Profiling
00-45 Equity and Opportunity in Post-Secondary Education
00-46 Affirmative Action in Higher Education
00-47 Post-Secondary Education Opportunities for Women on Welfare
00-48 Reaffirming Access and Opportunity
00-49 Energy Sector
00-50 Improving Health Through Better Transportation Planning
00-51 Transportation Planning Reform
00-52 Railroad Traffic Safety
00-53 the 2000 Census
00-54 Addressing the Disproportionate Consumption of Malt Liquor in Urban African-American Communities
00-55 the Use of Psychiatric Drugs on School-Age Children
00-56 Developing Entrepreneurial Programs for Youth
00-57 Research and information Technology
00-58 Submittal of Model Legislation
00-59 Campaign Finance Reform
00-60 National Voting Rights Celebration
00-61 Regional Workshops on Ethics
00-62 Establishment of A Legal Defense Fund
00-63 Ethics Standing Committee
00-64 Campaign Code of Ethics
00-65 Privatization of Social Services
00-66 Welfare Reform
00-67 Endorsement of the Public influences of African-American Churches Project — the Leadership Center at Morehouse College
00-68 in Support of the National Black Family Empowerment Agenda Network
00-69 George Washington Carver Day
00-70 Hurricane Relief Funds for North Carolina
00-71 Princeville, North Carolina
00-72 Visas
00-73 Federal and State Legislation to Prevent Needlestick injuries to Health Care Workers

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