2004 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2004 Resolutions


  • 04-28 A Resolution in Support of the Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association, Incorporated, In Their Efforts to Obtain Remedies for Past Discriminatory Practice against Black Farmers

Business & Finance

  • 04-48 African American Business Contracts

Elementary & Secondary Education

  • 04-1 Early Childhood Education
  • 04-43 Brown VBoard of Education 50th Anniversary: Securing Equal Educational Opportunities for Black Students
  • 04-45 Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind
  • 04-76 Urging Congress to Maintain Prior Provision for Colleges and Universities Applying for Trio Grants


  • 04-2 National Energy Policy


  • 04-3 NBCSL Calls for the Full Implementation of the Clean Air Act and Limiting Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants


  • 04-80 A Resolution to Support Political Reciprocity


  • 04-5 Resolution Concerning Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Children
  • 04-6 Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities through Greater Access to Healthcare
  • 04-8 Health Literacy
  • 04-9 Quality of Patient Medical Care
  • 04-56 Medical Errors Elimination
  • 04-83 Opposition to the Prescription Drug Benefit Package


  • 04-75 Homeowner Access and Affordability
  • 04-82 Predatory Lending

Human Services

  • 04-10 Medical Consent for Kinship Caregivers
  • 04-11 Education Consent for Kinship Caregivers
  • 04-52 Study Group on Kinship Care


  • 04-54 Diabetes Health Insurance Coverage
  • 04-58 Credit Scoring
  • 04-59 Study on the Effects of Medicare Legislation on Employer Provided Health Insurance

International Affairs

  • 04-30 Support for Liberian Refugees Immigration Fairness Act
  • 04-31 Resolution Supporting a Strategic Partnership with African Immigrants and Refugees
  • 04-63 Urging the United States Commitment to the United Nations Global Fund, AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
  • 04-65 Supporting Expansion of the United States Office of Global AIDS Service Recipients
  • 04-71 Funding for Community Based HIV/AIDS Organizations
  • 04-73 Opposition to Lifting Tariffs on Foreign Steel
  • 04-74 Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Haiti


  • 04-12 Calling for an Investigation of Retail Industry Practices to Document Racial and Gender Based Gaps in Wages and Promotions
  • 04-13 Calling for Immigration Reform
  • 04-14 Opposing Efforts to Compromise the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • 04-79 A Resolution to Recognize the Negro Baseball League

Law & Justice

  • 04-25 Calling for A Federal Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Recent FBI Eavesdropping Of Philadelphia Mayor John Street’s Office Only A Few Weeks Prior To The Election
  • 04-26 Expressing Concern Regarding the USA Patriot Act
  • 04-29 Calling for Reparations for the Descendants of African Slaves in the United States
  • 04-46 Memorializing the Congress of the United States to Repeal Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  • 04-49 A Resolution to Investigate the Recidivism Rate in Prison
  • 04-51 Changes in the Election Code
  • 04-53 Racial Justice Act/Commission to Study Impact of Race Bias
  • 04-77 The National Black Agenda Convention Inc(NBAC)
  • 04-84 Medical Conditions and/or Internal Injuries and the Use of Police Force

Post-Secondary Education

  • 04-62 Commemorating the Historical Brown Decision and the Selma to Montgomery March by Supporting the National Classroom Project


  • 04-16 Resolution for Safer Automobiles


  • 04-57 Mandate to Include African American Studies (Black History) In Elementary and Secondary Education Curriculums
  • 61 Mentoring Programs
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