2007 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2007 Resolutions

Business, Finance & Insurance

  • BFI–07–22 Slavery Commission
  • BFI–07–04 The Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act Regarding Performing Groups


  • EDU–07–20 Resolution on Graduation and Increased Resources on Vocational Career and Technical Education
  • EDU–07–21 Reducing the Dropout Rate
  • EDU–07–12 Opposition to the 65 Percent Solution Initiative

Energy, Environment & Transportation

  • ETE–07–24 Urging Diversity and Inclusion in the Publicly Regulated Utility Market
  • ETE–07–05 National Program on E-85 Refueling Infrastructure Development

Health & Human Services

  • HHS–07–19 Epilepsy Patient Prescription Drug Safety
  • HHS–07–26 Chronic Kidney Disease Intervention
  • HHS–07–25 Avoid Unfair Practice of Using Medicaid Beneficiaries and Its Large Minority Population to Extract Drug Discounts for Individuals That Do Not Qualify for Medicaid
  • HHS–07–27 Diabetes and Kidney Disease Disparities Reduction

International Affairs

  • INT–07–17 African Debt, Global Apartheid, and Genocide

Labor, Military & Veterans Affairs

  • LMV–07–02 National Black Caucus of State Legislators Endorses Transportation Labor Iam Day of Action 2007
  • LMV–07–09 Resolution Against This Misnamed Taxpayers Bill of Rights (Tabor)
  • LMV–07–13 The Long Term Care Workforce
  • LMV–07–14 Increasing the Minimum Wage
  • LMV–07–15 Protection Against Privatization Problems
  • LMV–07–16 Supporting Contract Service Budgets

Law, Justice & Ethics

  • LJE–07–18 Adoption of the Interstate Compact in Support of the National Popular Vote (NPV) Concept of Electing the U.S. President Based on a majority of Popular Votes Cast
  • LJE–07–23 Re-entry and the Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Disparities in Substance Abuse Policies
  • LJE–07–07 Creating a NBCSL Task Force to Address Recent Increase in Gun Violence
  • LJE–07–08 Election Reform
  • LJE–07–10 Immigration Reform
  • LJE–07–11 Resolution Urging Congress to Protect our Most Precious Civil Right – The Right To Vote!

Telecommunications, Science & Technology

  • TST–07–03 Encourage the Deployment Of Broadband Networks Without Net Neutrality
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