2011 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2011 Resolutions

Business, Financial Services, and insurance (BFI)

  • BFI-11-08 Recognizing the Importance of Pharmaceutical Mail-Order Companies
  • BFI-11-22 Calling for Continued Support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act

Education (EDU)

  • EDU-11-09 Community Schools:  Supporting Students in Our Schools and Communities
  • EDU-11-10 Teacher Development and Evaluation
  • EDU-11-11 Ensuring Adequate and Equitable Funding for Public Schools
  • EDU-11-27 Common Core State Standards

Energy, Transportation, and Environment (ETE)

  • ETE-11-02 increasing Energy Efficiency in Our Communities

Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment (GSE)

  • GSE-11-23 Protecting Collegiate Student-Athletes

Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • HHS-11-01 Folic Acid in the Diets of Women of Childbearing Age
  • HHS-11-12 Promoting Mental Health Treatment Parity
  • HHS-11-13 Health information Technology, E-Prescribing, and Electronic Health Records
  • HHS-11-14 Supporting Smoking Prevention and Cessation Programs
  • HHS-11-15 Medical Cultural Competency
  • HHS-11-16 Reducing Sodium Consumption in African Americans
  • HHS-11-17 Promoting Awareness and Reduction of Autoimmune Diseases Lupus and Hiv/Aids
  • HHS-11-18 Improving Health Outcomes and Lowering Cost Through Medicaid-Managed Care
  • HHS-11-19 Supporting increased Access to Quality Nutrition and Support for infants and Children

international Affairs (IAF)

  • IAF-11-20 Calling for A Fair Policy toward All New Nations Seeking Entry into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program
  • IAF-11-21 Supporting the Restoration of the Nation of Haiti

Law, Justice, and Ethics (LJE)

  • LJE-11-03 Reform of Prison-Based Census Counting
  • LJE-11-04 Supporting Out-of-Pocket Expense Limits
  • LJE-11-25 Opposition to Arizona Immigration Laws

Telecommunications, Science, and Technology (TST)

  • TST-11-07 Calling on the Federal Communications Commission to Reform Its Rules Governing Retransmission Consent to Ensure Those Rules Protect Consumers
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