2014 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2014 Resolutions

Agriculture (AGR) Policy Committee

  • AGR-14-09 A Resolution Advocating the Elimination of Food Deserts
  • AGR-14-46 A Resolution Supporting Agricultural Education initiatives and Diversity in Agricultural Policy

Business, Financial Services, and insurance (BFI) Policy Committee

  • BFI-14-06 A Resolution Calling for Consumer Protections Under Lawsuit Lending
  • BFI-14-10 A Resolution on Protecting the Elderly and Service Members from Predatory Short-Term Loans
  • BFI-14-12 A Resolution Urging Caution on Barriers for Broadcasters
  • BFI-14-17 A Resolution Empowering Consumers’ Decision-Making Through Financial Education
  • BFI-14-26 A Resolution on Reducing Credit-Based Barriers in Hiring and Employment
  • BFI-14-37 A Resolution on Ensuring Consumer Privacy and Protection for insurance Premiums
  • BFI-14-41 A Resolution Calling on States to Conduct Disparity Studies

Emergency Preparedness / Homeland Security (EPHS) Policy Committee

  • EPHS-14-33 A Resolution Urging Increased Funding to Combat Criminal Trafficking of Humans, Weapons, and Narcotics

Energy, Transportation, and Environment (ETE) Policy Committee

  • ETE-14-29 A Resolution Supporting New Economic Opportunities Through the Panama Canal Expansion
  • ETE-14-32 A Resolution Urging Equitable Distribution of Electricity Grid System Costs

Health and Human Services (HHS) Policy Committee

  • HHS-14-04 A Resolution Promoting Healthcare Quality in State insurance Exchanges
  • HHS-14-05 A Resolution on increasing Awareness of Atrial Fibrillation to Reduce Stroke
  • HHS-14-20 A Resolution Calling for Medicaid Expansion Across America
  • HHS-14-28 A Resolution on Eliminating Health Disparities
  • HHS-14-48 A Resolution Encouraging Increased Awareness and Advocacy for Hepatitis C Virus Testing of Baby Boomers
  • HHS-14-49 A Resolution Encouraging increased Access to Obesity Treatment Options

international Affairs (IAF) Policy Committee

  • IAF-14-07 A Resolution Urging Fair Trade with India

Law, Justice, and Ethics (LJE) Policy Committee

  • LJE-14-11 A Resolution Urging the Abolishment of Voter Suppression Tactics
  • LJE-14-13 A Resolution Calling on Congress to Restore the Voting Rights Act
  • LJE-14-16 A Resolution Supporting “Ban the Box” initiatives to Facilitate Re-Entry to the Workforce
  • LJE-14-24 A Resolution on Improving Nationwide Recidivism Rates, Sentencing Equity, and Rehabilitation
  • LJE-14-34 A Resolution Supporting the Extension of Voting Rights to All Elected Representatives to Congress
  • LJE-14-40 A Resolution Supporting States’ Right to Decriminalize Marijuana Use
  • LJE-14-50 A Resolution Supporting the Right to Vote in United States Presidential Elections for USVI Residents

Labor, Military, and Veterans Affairs (LMV) Policy Committee

  • LMV-14-38 A Resolution on Promoting Transparency and Good Government
  • LMV-14-39 A Resolution Advocating Retirement Security in America

Telecommunications, Science, and Technology (TST) Policy Committee

  • TST-14-08 A Resolution Calling for An Update on Federal Telecommunication Laws
  • TST-14-14 A Resolution Promoting a Healthy Marketplace for internet Radio
  • TST-14-27 A Resolution Promoting Individuals’ Rights Through Social Media Privacy Protection
  • TST-14-30 A Resolution Calling on A Reform to the E-Rate Program
  • TST-14-43 A Resolution on Encouraging Minority Entrepreneurship in Media and Telecommunications

Youth (YTH) Policy Committee

  • YTH-14-01 A Resolution Declaring Youth Violence as a Public Health Epidemic and Supporting Statewide Trauma-informed Education
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