2015 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2015 Resolutions

Agriculture (AGR) Policy Committee

  • AGR-15-41 A Resolution on Expanding Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Via Healthy Food Financing initiatives

Business, Financial Services, and insurance (BFI) Policy Committee

  • BFI-15-14 A Resolution on Improving and Expanding Minority Access to Sustainable Financial institutions
  • BFI-15-17 A Resolution on Making Provisions for Safer Lending Practices

Education (EDU) Policy Committee

  • EDU-15-21 A Resolution on Measuring Student Learning to increase Accountability
  • EDU-15-22 A Resolution Promoting Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students by Improving Stem Education
  • EDU-15-27 A Resolution Promoting Universal Early Childhood Education

Energy, Transportation, and Environment (ETE) Policy Committee

  • ETE-15-15 A Resolution Recognizing the Vital Role on Our Water infrastructure, Water-Energy Nexus, and Need for Energy Efficiency
  • ETE-15-28 A Resolution Supporting a Diverse Electricity Generation Portfolio

Health and Human Services (HHS) Policy Committee

  • HHS-15-08 A Resolution on Improving Access to Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • HHS-15-13 A Resolution on Facilitating Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency for Families
  • HHS-15-24 A Resolution Expanding Access to Oral Health Care
  • HHS-15-31 A Resolution Urging Reasonable Out-on-Pocket Health Care Expenses
  • HHS-15-32 A Resolution on Using Real World Data in Healthcare Decision-Making
  • HHS-15-35 A Resolution on increasing Diversity in Clinical Trial Participation
  • HHS-15-36 A Resolution Calling on All States to Combat Sarcoidosis
  • HHS-15-40 A Resolution Supporting Citizens’ initiatives to Choose Medicaid Expansion

Housing (HSE) Policy Committee

  • HSE-15-04 A Resolution Encouraging Greater Transparency for Environmentally Safer Purchasing Decisions in Public Buildings
  • HSE-15-05 A Resolution Recognizing the Social Determinants on Health and Urging the Creation on Health-in-All-Policies Task forces in the States
  • HSE-15-16 A Resolution on Ensuring Safe and Legal Foreclosure Prevention
  • HSE-15-23 A Resolution Promoting Indoor Environments Safe From Mold

Law, Justice, and Ethics (LJE) Policy Committee

  • LJE-15-02 A Resolution on Reconnecting Incarcerated Families
  • LJE-15-09 A Resolution Supporting Rehabilitation on Our Returning Citizens and Record Expungement
  • LJE-15-19 A Resolution on Creating and Implementing African American Commissions to Reduce Disparities
  • LJE-15-25 A Resolution on Ensuring Gender Pay Equity to Cut Poverty Among Working Women by Half
  • LJE-15-39 A Resolution on Using Body-Mounted Cameras to Protect Public Safety
  • LJE-15-42 A Resolution Calling on the Washington Professional Football Team to Change Its Name
  • LJE-15-43 A Resolution Advocating for Smart Law Enforcement Policies in Civilian interactions

Labor, Military, and Veterans Affairs (LMV) Policy Committee

  • LMV-15-06 A Resolution on Leading a National Jobs Movement to Uplift Families and Communities
  • LMV-15-10 A Resolution Advocating Long-Term Retirement Security for All Americans
  • LMV-15-18 A Resolution Supporting a Sustainable Minimum Wage
  • LMV-15-37 A Resolution on Ensuring Appropriate Credit Checks in Hiring and Employment Decisions
  • LMV-15-38 A Resolution Committing to Expand Employment Options for Returning Citizens

Telecommunications, Science, and Technology (TST) Policy Committee

  • TST-15-11 A Resolution Supporting Diversification on Employment in the Technology industry
  • TST-15-12 A Resolution on Reducing Unnecessary Barriers in Telehealth Reimbursement
  • TST-15-20 A Resolution Encouraging Minority Ownership in Commercial Wireless Spectrum

Youth (YTH) Policy Committee

  • YTH-15-01 A Resolution Celebrating the Power on Sports to Unify Communities
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