The NBCSL Encourages State Legislative Black Caucuses to Hold Press Conferences Urging States to Pass Gun Control Legislation

Washington, D.C—The National Black Caucus of State Legislators encourages state legislative black caucuses to pass comprehensive gun control legislation following multiple mass shootings across the nation and unjust expulsion of three legislators for “disorderly behavior,” known as the Tennessee 3, following a protest for gun reform on the Tennessee House chamber Floor in response to the deadly shooting at the Covenant School.

In the past few weeks, the nation has been shocked with the news of not one, but two mass shootings occurring in Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, and Dadeville, Alabama. Enough is enough. We must act now to protect our children and all who simply want to make it home safely to their families.

“It is disappointing that we are still having these conversations on passing comprehensive gun control legislation after countless innocent lives have been lost because of gun violence,” said Representative Laura Hall (AL), NBCSL President, “The NBCSL is working to get comprehensive gun control legislation passed in all states. We are encouraging our legislators to get involved and strongly urge their state legislatures to enact these laws to end senseless killings across the nation,” she continued.

We are standing with our fellow state legislators, the Tennessee 3, and share their sentiment in the need to pass comprehensive gun control legislation in our states.



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