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State of Illinois – HB 3394 : Business Corporation Act | Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (IL)
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Committee of Jurisdiction: Business and Economic Development (BED)


The General Assembly finds that women and minorities are still largely underrepresented nationally in positions of corporate authority, such as serving as a director on a corporation’s board of directors. This low representation could be contributing to the disparity seen in wages made by females and minorities versus their white male counterparts. Increased representation of these individuals as directors on boards of directors for corporations may boost the Illinois economy, improve opportunities for women and minorities in the workplace, and foster an environment in Illinois where the business community is representative of our residents. Therefore, the General Assembly intends to gather more data and study this issue within the State so that effective policy changes may be implemented to eliminate this disparity. Requires Illinois corporations to report certain demographic data to the Secretary of State and requires the University of Illinois to study the data and make recommendations to improve the representation of women and minorities.

State Action


NBCSL Member Sponsor(s):
  • Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (IL)

Summary: State of Illinois - HB 3394 : Business Corporation Act
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