The National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) is the nation's premier organization exclusively representing and serving the interests of African American state legislators. With more than 700 members collectively representing over 60 million Americans, NBCSL serves as a national network, advocate and catalyst for public policy innovation, information exchange, and joint action on critical issues. Our members stand at the forefront of change in our nation, tirelessly working to ensure that we have a government that works for us all. Today, we face a very flexible and challenging legislative playing field, and it is up to us to ensure that we maintain a strong cohesive  voice and remain relevant in state and national conversations. Together, we can bring more awareness and resolution to the disparities our communities actively and unjustly face.

Membership in NBCSL not only fuels our collective voice as we consider issues affecting African Americans and other marginalized communities, but it also makes us stronger as legislators. As African American legislators, we have the challenge of a dual role—we must advocate for the concerns of people of color, while simultaneously representing mainstream and other unique constituencies. Thus, NBCSL offers numerous opportunities and resources designed to help legislators grow their networks, stay abreast of critical news and policy issues, enhance their skills, and maximize their legislative effectiveness and tenures.


Why join NBCSL?

  • Access to our new Public Policy and Research Institute (PPRI)
  • Special events and program invitations throughout the year
  • Access to model legislation from other states that may be beneficial to your residents
  • Opportunity for a scholarship to attend our Annual Legislative Conference
  • Opportunity to connect with our corporate round table members for potential collaboration on needs of importance to your region and its industries
  • Important Legislative updates sent directly to your inbox
  • Invitations to activities exclusive to NBCSL Members, nationally
  • Membership Digital Directory Reporting Platform

Becoming an NBCSL member is easy! You can choose to join and renew each year for a small annual fee of just $200. We have updated payment options. In addition to accepting Credit Cards, we also accept Electronic Checks (eCheck) through a secure merchant connection. You may use either method to make your payments.

How to become a member!

Please be advised that NBCSL has initiated a new proposal regarding Member Dues that has been approved by the Executive Board and duly circulated to all members.

If your membership is confirmed having paid your Dues for 2022 and by default 2023 by April 30, 2023, you’ll receive an email with temporary credentials to access our new Membership Portal and our Membership Database. We encourage you to update your profile once you’ve gained access.

Membership dues to become a new member of NBCSL is $200.00 annually effective May 1st, 2023. Membership dues are renewable each year beginning January 1st. Members who are in good standing having paid their dues will have access to all member benefits.

The process to become a member is simple. Please use the “Become a Member” button  below to complete and submit your membership application.  Once your submission is received, your application will be vetted and once confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to pay your dues for the current year. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a welcome letter along with access credentials to your membership account where you can update your profile. Additionally, you will have access to our Membership Database.

The Membership Database is an exciting feature available to all Legislators and CRT partners. It lists the names of all Black Legislators across the 50 states including their profiles, legislative leadership, Committee assignments and other pertinent information.  If you’ve already received your activation credentials, you may access the database by clicking the button below.

If you are a CRT partner and wish to gain access to the database, please contact COO, Dr. Joe Grant for further information.