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State of New Jersey – AB5669 : $2 Million for CDF-Freedom Schools | Asm. Shavonda Sumter (NJ)
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Committee of Jurisdiction: Education (EDU)


The main objective of Freedom Schools is to offer high-quality education to every student, encourage active participation in civic matters, and uplift marginalized communities. Through their innovative curriculum, Freedom Schools provide students with a unique and empowering educational experience tailored to their lives and the demands of the Freedom Movement. These schools have shown significant positive outcomes in promoting civic engagement and have a lasting impact across generations. By providing quality instruction, especially to historically disadvantaged groups like African American and other students of color, Freedom Schools enhance student confidence, critical thinking abilities, and social and emotional development.

State Action

New Jersey

NBCSL Member Sponsor(s):
  • Asm. Shavonda Sumter (NJ)

Summary: State of New Jersey - AB5669 : $2 Million for CDF-Freedom Schools
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