2010 Ratified Policy Resolutions

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2010 Resolutions

Business, Financial Services, and insurance (BFI)

  • BFI-10-02 Resolution Encouraging the Expansion of Regulatory Resources for Consumers, increasing Credit Rehabilitation and Financial Literacy Resources, and Extending Certain Critical Provisions of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • BFI-10-03 Providing Greater assistance to Minority Businesses
  • BFI-10-16 Resolution Calling for Fair Treatment of Consumers in the Pharmaceutical and Grocery Marketplace
  • BFI-10-30 Resolution Establishing Policy on Supporting the Development of Green Jobs and Training Programs for Unskilled Workers
  • BFI-10-32 Resolution Supporting Health Care Reform That Reduces Health Care Costs, Guarantees Affordable Healthcare for All Americans, and Eliminates Insurance Discrimination for Preexisting Conditions
  • BFI-10-39 Resolution Establishing Policy on Dual Certification for Women Members of Ethnic/ Racial Minority Groups
  • BFI-10-45 Brokerage and investment Management Services Use of Minority Firms

Education (EDU)

  • EDU-10-01 Recognizing the Importance of Community Partnerships toward Educational Outcomes
  • EDU-10-34 Recognizing the Need for Teacher Diversity in Our Nations Classrooms and the Crisis Facing African American Male Educators
  • EDU-10-36 Recognizing Education as A Civil Right and A Shared Responsibility
  • EDU-10-41 Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in American Education
  • EDU-10-44 Recognizing the Importance of Teachers of Color and National Board Certification

Energy, Transportation, and Environment (ETE)

  • ETE-10-06 Supporting the inclusion of Nuclear Energy as A Valuable Part of the U.S. Energy Portfolio and A Source of Development for Minority-Owned Businesses Already in and Wishing to Enter the Energy Production industry
  • ETE-10-07 Supporting Efforts to Address Climate Change
  • ETE-10-10 Supporting the Role of Minority Contractors in America’s Economic Recovery Act

Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • HHS-10-04 Recognizing the Importance of Early and Optimal Oral Health Care to A Child’s Ability to Learn
  • HHS-10-11 A Resolution Recognizing the Prevalence of Excess Weight and Obesity Within the African American Community, and Its Impact on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease and Urging innovative and Improved Solutions
  • HHS-10-12 Eliminate Adolescent Health Disparities Through Adolescent Well Health Visits
  • HHS-10-13 Eliminate Cancer Treatment inequities
  • HHS-10-15 Encouraging Equitable Immunization
  • HHS-10-17 Ensuring Awareness and Education of Cardiovascular Disease in Minority Populations
  • HHS-10-18 in Support of a Health Insurer’s Code of Conduct
  • HHS-10-19 2010 World Kidney Day and Kidney Disease Awareness Month
  • HHS-10-20 to increase Resources and Encourage Innovative Diabetes Programs
  • HHS-10-22 Expressing Support for State Funding of Aids Drug Assistance Programs
  • HHS-10-37 Mental Health Disparities and Veterans
  • HHS-10-43 Resolution Supporting Biosimilar Drugs

Housing (HSE)

  • HSE-10-23 in Support of New Efforts to Economically Reinvigorate Our Communities

Telecommunications, Science, and Technology (TST)

  • TST-10-24 Speed Matters – High Speed internet for All
  • TST-10-25 Advancing America’s Broadband Innovation Economy for Communities of Color
  • TST-10-26 Calling on the Federal Government to Maximize Its Stimulus Support for Broadband Internet Adoption and Use Programs in Our Nation’s States
  • TST-10-27 Promoting the Continuation of Public Education and Government Programming as Well as Free Over-the-Air Broadcasting
  • TST-10-28 Promoting Fairness in the Taxation of Wireless Service
  • TST-10-29 Supporting National Wireless Consumer Protection Standards
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