KY Black Legislative Caucus calls for gun reform after multiple deadly shootings in Louisville

April 18, 2023
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The Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus is calling on the General Assembly to pass stricter gun laws after a recent string of gun violence rocked the Louisville community.

Members of the Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus met at the State Capitol on Monday to advocate for red flag laws, background checks, and gun safety regulations following the deadly shootings at Old National Bank, Chickasaw Park, and other reported incidents over the weekend.

“It’s an alarming issue,” Louisville Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal said. “It’s something that is so on our front step that it’s visiting our communities. It’s right next door to us, and in some cases, it’s right in our homes.”

Chair of the Caucus, Rep. George Brown Jr. of Lexington, called the uptick in gun violence an “epidemic.” He said something needs to be done to protect innocent people across the Commonwealth.

In addition to calling for stricter gun laws, Caucus members also expressed support for the three Tennessee legislators punished for backing gun reform after the mass shooting on March 27 at Nashville’s Covenant School.

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