July 25, 2023

LaKimba DeSadier has spent 20 plus years of her career serving in non-profit government and public relations. Before starting her own LLC, she was recently the State Director for Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates serving Indiana, Kentucky, Idaho, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska, where she was responsible for developing the strategy and execution of all legislative actions and advocacy, civic engagement, and program management. She was also in charge of all operations and support on development fundraising.

She served as NBCSL Executive Director from 2003-2015.

LaKimba names her personal passion as helping communities to thrive in strategic and high impact ways. Working in government relations has allowed her to do that both at the local, state, and national level. She values the ability to leverage relationship building, commitment to community and smart, fast-paced thinking to get to great outcomes for the places in which we all live and work.

Since moving back to Indiana, LaKimba’s primary focus has been to educate and empower communities in Indiana and educate legislators on policy issues from public education to health equity. Because of her knowledge and understanding of working with elected officials across the United States, LaKimba has been able to advocate and advance the needs of public education for children in Indianapolis and educate and prepare legislators for the fight during the legislative session.

Connect with LaKimba via email at contactus@nbcsl.org.