NBCSL Expresses Concern and Empathy for California Fire Victims

Washington DC —The wildfires in northern and southern California continue to wreak havoc on the state, burning thousands of acres of land while destroying homes, businesses, vehicles, and most importantly, killing people in its path. 

“We pray for the families who have lost loved ones and for the individuals who now need shelter since their homes and cars have been destroyed by the fires,” said Indiana State Representative Gregory W. Porter, president of NBCSL. “We also pray for the brave firefighters who continue to risk their lives to save others and protect buildings and houses from the flames. As the fires are still burning, NBCSL also sends prayers to individuals who may be in the path of the fire, hoping they will seek safety as soon as possible away from the encroaching flames. What is so heart wrenching is that there are so many people still missing and unaccounted for. We hope and pray that they’re found safe, which will alleviate the stress and worry of thousands of family members and friends,” said Porter.