This historically-Black Nevada neighborhood has been sinking for decades. A new law may finally help residents move out

June 29, 2023
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CNN —  For Nancy Johnson, Windsor Park was like a dream when she first moved to a new home in the historically Black North Las Vegas neighborhood in 1976. But within a few years, the cracks began to show – and homes started to sink.

“The homes, the streets started cracking, the driveways,” said Johnson, a 67-year-old mother and former blackjack dealer. “I’m legally blind and I could tell that when I hung up the curtains that they were leaning.”

Johnson is one of dozens of residents who have lived in homes sinking under their feet for decades while seeking the city’s help to improve the area or relocate.

“No one should have to feel like they live in the gutter,” Johnson said.

Their fight may come to an end soon. Earlier this month, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed a law that would allocate $37 million to develop new homes near Windsor Park.

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